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show songs added in playlist at top

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is there a way to show the songs which are added in the playlist in first position, because the songs when added to any playlist just gets added to the bottom... 

so I was wondering, is there any way to get a song automatically when added to playlist, without disturbing the original order of the playlist?

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Not currently. You can do it for the Queue (using the 'Play Next' feature) but not for adding to Playlists.

This has been a fairly long-standing request, so hopefully it's something that Max might be able to address at some point in the future?

I've always felt the 'Play Next' button doesn't quite do what people wanted when it was introduced a few years ago. The requests were for a way to permanently change the main playback method to a new song in a new category - just like simply tapping on a new song title in a different category - but with that change deferred until after the current song has finished. So for example while listening to a song, you decide you'd next like to listen to some eighties music; you would go to Library > Year > 1980 and tap a button like 'Play Next', which would mean 1980 would start playing after the current song, then 1981, 1982., etc.

The current 'Play Next' feature really just means "Add to Start of Queue", which to my mind would make more sense if it were done via a long-press on the '>>Queue' button. Similarly, your "Add to Start of Playlist" could be achieved by long-pressing on the '+Playlist' button.


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@andrewilley so right now, there's no way of adding to the top, right?

I just recently purchased Poweramp because my previous default music player was not able to satisfy all my demands but Poweramp was able to do so..but these small features were present is Samsung music player but Poweramp doesn't have it yet, so now when I add a song in my playlist, I have to go all the way, below 200 songs and then play it and if the repeat option is not on, then the playback ends..this is my problem..

so I would like this feature to be added asap..thanks

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@Utsav Correct. Currently you can add a song to the start of the Queue (using 'Play Next') but adding something to a Playlist simply builds the list up in the order that you choose the songs. You can move songs around later of course (long-press on any song in a playlist and drag it).

It has been requested a few times in the past (e.g. https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/22022-insert-new-songs-on-top-of-the-playlist-rather-than-below/ ) but has not yet worked its way up to near the top of the to-do list.


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