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Power Amp 2.02 Bass settings not the same


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Hi All,

Like everyone over here, i am an avid user of Poweramp and I think it was defiantly worth the cost of the app for the sheer quality of the music I used to get.

I currently and using the SGS1 and recently did a soft reset of the phone because for some reason the MTP Kies thing didn't start when I plugged in the USB to my computer. After the reset, it still doesn't work, not sure why.

Anyway, after my reset, I had to re-download and install power amp on the phone and after completion was surprised to see that it had been updated. So I went on my way getting all my setting to where I had it before which was preset Bass with the Bass and treble turned down a bit since my car speakers aren't the greatest things out there.

Right off the get go, i noticed that the sound was completely different compared to the older version (not sure which version it was). Were there any settings that were changed in the older versions vs the newer version of the bass preset? Is there anything I can do to get back to the older sound settings?

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated as my drive to and from work used to be a breeze and now I can't even get into the songs anymore.


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