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Hiding Artists Part of Albums with "Multiple Artists"


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I only ask because I remember it being a feature of iTunes. Essentially, you could mark an album as being composed of tracks from multiple artists (most frequently soundtracks) and this would hide the individual artists from the Artists roster.  Instead, the Album Artist would appear in the Artist list. This eliminated unecessary clutter from the Artists list an made organization (and recognition) eaisier. Can we get such a functionality?

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There are several options for this.

Settings > Library > Lists > Album Artist Label for Albums => Uses Album Artist (if available) in Album lists and for Album headers, but for each individual song the Track Artist name is used. This is the mode I use.
Settings > Library > Lists > Album Artist Label for Tracks => Uses Album Artist (if available) for individual song details when viewing song lists and on the player screen.
Settings > Library > Lists > Album Artist Label for Album Artist Tracks => Similar to above, but only uses Album Artist on songs if you are browsing using the Album Artist Category.

If an Album Artist tag is missing, the Artist tag will always be used.


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