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Strange behaviour of shuffle-folders

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I experience a super strange bug. Unfortunately I did not find a way to reproduce it 100% of the time. But more like 50% of the time.

I have my music organized in folders. My main two folder are "listening books" and "music". Most of the time I want to listen to all songs from my "music" folder (and sub-sub-subfolders) in a random order.

To do this I go to the folder, select the random button at the upper part of my screen and everything works as intended. Looks like this (in german:)  1231434143_Screenshot_20211122-1405102.thumb.png.541f79220f40b9d19dd2b900005da6e1.png


BUT from time to time (like 50% of the time) if I connect to a bluetooth system (speaker in house, or my car), he "forgets" that it should play random files from different folders and only plays music from one album/folder. 

Again: unfortunately, I was not able to recreate the behaviour 100% of the time. I tried connected, and disconnecting while the music was playing. Or when closing the player (closed even in the "recent apps"/RAM ). It SEEMS to happen more often while playing. But again: not every time, and sometimes also when the player is closed. It’s super strange to me, which makes it very hard to pinpoint…


I experienced this behaviour for >2 years now (two very different phones) in that time. It was never a big deal for me, but me new car is going to have bluetooth and I know it will drive me crazy then...

So any suggestions/work-arounds would be highly appreciated! :)

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I'm guessing something in what you are doing is triggering a reshuffle, which would lose the special subfolder organisation that you built by using the Shuffle icon in the folder view.

To check, look at the counter displayed in the centre of the control icons line (above the Playback controls.). When you start shuffling it should show as "1 / nnnn" (where nnnn is the total number of songs in your folder and its subfolders). This should count up with every song played, "2 / nnnn", "3 / nnnn", etc.  As long as the counter continues to increment normally, no reshuffle has taken place.

If the number ever resets back to '1/nnnn' (probably a different total number of tracks, as it will then be for just the current folder) then you have triggered a new reshuffle and if you are now listening to new sequence. That might help in pinpointing when this happens. You could try enabling Settings > Library > Lists > No Reshuffle, which reduces the number of events that will trigger a reshuffle (especially tapping on another song which is already in the shuffle sequence).


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