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Delay Differential Surround

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Delay between channels, for example, the right channel a delay of 20ms while the left channel 0ms. So that? This very small difference between channels allows for an immersive panoramic (3D) audio

Experience. How do I know about this effect?

1-Viper4android, in this equalizer it allows, only by default, to make the delay in the right channel between 0ms to 20ms.
2-Equalizer APO, in this equalizer, you have total control of the channels, and it incorporates a delay as one of its functions.

Why would I want the Poweramp Equalizer to have this feature?
For a long time I have had to become superuser (root) on each of my devices in order to enjoy such an immersive effect, but this alternative of SuperSu or Root is becoming more difficult and less viable due to the support of Viper4Android. I would appreciate it very much if you add it as one more function.

Sorry for my writing, I don't understand English much. I hope it is understood :)


En Español:

Retraso entre canales, por ejemplo, el canal derecho un retraso de 20ms mientras que el canal izquierdo 0ms. ¿Así que eso? Esta pequeña diferencia entre canales permite una experiencia de audio panorámica (3D) envolvente. ¿Cómo sé este efecto?
1-Viper4android, en este ecualizador permite, solo por defecto, hacer el retardo en el canal derecho entre 0ms a 20ms.
2-Ecualizador APO, en este ecualizador tienes el control total de los canales, e incorpora un retardo como una de sus funciones.
¿Por qué querría que el ecualizador Poweramp tuviera esta función?
Durante mucho tiempo he tenido que convertirme en superusuario (root) en cada uno de mis dispositivos para poder disfrutar de un efecto tan inmersivo, pero esta alternativa de SuperSu o Root se está volviendo más difícil y menos viable debido al soporte de Viper4Android. Le agradecería mucho si lo agrega como una función más.

Perdón por mi redacción, no entiendo mucho el idioma inglés. Espero que se entienda :)


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Is this request related the to stand-alone PA-EQ app, or the equalizer in the main Poweramp app? I think the stand-alone app does not buffer audio, it merely passes parameters to the Android audio system. @maxmp could confirm that though. I would have thought it should be possible to add to the main Poweramp app though.


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The stand-alone app definitely.

but is interesting question.  It would be great if the standalone app had this feature, because it would be amazing to have the effect on Spotify, YouTube, Poweramp, etc. Considering that the standalone application may not buffer the audio, testing it in the main application will be interesting.
However, it would be great if the standalone app definitely had it, many thanks.

I will be aware of any updates on the subject thank you.

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