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Recent update issue

Blob Hoser

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The most recent Poweramp update was more than three months ago (build 911). Is that what you are now referring to, or a more recent Android system update?

First, PA cannot delete your downloaded files (well, not unless you manually select a single item delete option AND agree to the warning prompt) so something else must be responsible for any physically deleted files.

Song entries can be removed from PA's internal Library though if the files are not visible in your storage system at the time of a rescan. Some Android versions (especially Samsung/Android 11) have been known to be slow to provide storage access when you first start the system, which could cause PA to think songs have been removed from storage and thus it then removes their entries from the Library too. Try using PA Settings > Library > FULL Rescan to search for them again.

If it happens again, please turn off the Auto Scan features in PA Settings > Library > Scanner.

Worth also checking this thread in case any of the advice in there helps:



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