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Where is this setting............ TIA


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It depends on what Category you started playback from, which is then considered to be the current playback mode in terms of list ordering. If you started playing from the 'All Songs' list, then that is what you will see when you tap the player artwork area. If you started from a Playlist then that's what you'll see when you tap the artwork, and so on for folders, albums, artists, genres, etc.

You can override and change to a different playback mode by long-pressing on the artwork area and choosing to see the current song listed within one of the four most common methods: Folder, Album, Artist or Genre. Note: tapping again on the current song in that list will resume playback using the new mode if you'd prefer to stay with that method. See also Settings > Library > Lists > Click Restarts Track, which controls whether such a tap on the current song will restart the song at the beginning, or just continue playing without interruption.


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