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After buying, black screen and no more response...


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Hello, I've discovered and downloaded Poweramp (Trial version) in the Market.android.

After having tried it for a week, I decided tonight to buy this software directly on the PowerAmpapp.com website.

So for that, 1/ I downloaded once more PA, this time from the PowerAmpapp website (I thought it was preferable),

2/ a moment after, I bought directly the soft (I mean by the PowerAmpapp.com way).

Bad surprise on this morning : when I tap on the Poweramp icon, I have a black screen followed by this Alert window :

"Sorry The application Poweramp (from process com.maxmpz. audioplayer) doesn't respond. Force the closing".

(I apologize for my traduction in english terms).

Please, I feel very frustrated, can you tell me what I can ex-ac-tly do in order to enjoy this excellent software, as I did before ?

In advance, I thank you.

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What is your phone model/android os version/custom ROM if any? Note that some custom ROMs have bugs related to OpenGL driver, and PowerAMP2.0 is now an OpenGL application.


- please try to reset Poweramp to defaults with Android Settings => Applications => Manage Applications => Poweramp => Clear data.

- check your sd card for errors on computer

- try to backup sd card then reformat and restore

- try another sd card


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So glad to get an answer, thank you maxmp.

I'm really impatient to solve this problem before my very soon start for a 3 months trip in India...

I answer to your first question :


model Archos 43 internet Tablet

(This A43iT isn't a phone)

soft version 2.4.19 (Android 2.2.1)

display FROYO.eng.20110818.015412

Version.SDK =8

OMAP version ES1.2

soft Linux version 2.6.29-omap1

processor ARMv7 Processor rev2 (v70)


Now about Resetting Poweramp, here step by step what I do :

Settings > Appli > Manage Applis >

- sheet "Downloaded": PA isn't here, only Poweramp Classic Skin (279 ko)

- sheet "In the memory": here is Poweramp version 2.0.4-build-467 (2,65 Mo)

- back to sheet "Downloaded": now are both Poweramp (2,65 Mo) et Poweramp Classic Skin (279 Ko)

(is for youthis mystery a beginning of explanation ?)

Back now in the General Menu, clic on Poweramp...

PA pops up, immediately followed by the "Poweramp Trial Expiration" window

and down the 3 choices : : Market, Site, Cancel.

From now I freeze...

For info, 2 things I remember to have done :

- for trial, I had downloaded PA on the AndroidMarket website

- then when I decided to buy, I went on the PA Site, and just before paying, I installed PA directly on the previous installation.

(I don't remember which one, if was it the Unlocker or the PA soft ?).

Last action, just now I launch my device in order to Clear (you mean Uninstall?) PA.

It's done, but please maxmp, what I do after ?

From where and what I re-install Poweramp ?


CHECKING the SD card : sorry, I think the card is ok, it was a new one (hum, the truth, I don't exactly know how to check it for error on the computer) : I'll do it if you insist...

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