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Option to turn off Poweramp guessing informations

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Hi, I find it annoying that Poweramp guesses informations when I purposely don't provide them:

-It guesses track number from the title when I don't set a track number on purpose (See attached screenshot 1)

-It merges the infos from 2 different albums that have the same name but aren't from the same artist (I guess it's because I don't use an albumartist tag, only artist) (ex: The album "Faith" by Pop Smoke / The Cure uses one of the 2 covers and year info provided even if the right informations are embedded in the files) (See attached screenshot 2)

Can you give us the option to turn the auto-guessing off please?

Also another suggestion, could you add the option to display the bitrate next to the file extension (example: display "320" on the right of "mp3" in screenshot 1) please?


Thank you




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I completely agree about auto-generation of Track# details based on filenames, and this has come up a few times before. I too have a lot of songs (mainly 1,000+ individual singles) for which I have very deliberately removed all of the Track Number tags from the files as they are clearly not relevant. However in such cases Poweramp, rather too helpfully, tries to create its own track numbering based on any digits found at the start or end of filenames. While this is useful in a case when a file may have no tag data at all, if tag data is present and correct except for the Track#/Disc# tags, I don't think PA should try to interpret them from the filenames as that goes against the file-creator's intent. See this thread:


As to your second point, as you surmised, this will be due to incorrect tag data in your files. For compilations or albums where the track artist details may vary, you must ensure the Album Artist tag is correct as that is used in combination with the Album title to group songs into album entities. Otherwise PA has to fall back to trying to use Album and Track Artist details, which will always fail for multi-artist compilation albums or when some included tracks have different collaborators listed in their Artist tags.

There is an option in Settings > Library > Lists > Join Albums which might help, but the proper answer is to spend a little time in a batch tag editor to correct the tags:


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Hi, thanks for answering, for the second point I mentioned, just to be clear, these are 2 totally different album from 2 different artists but the 2 albums are called "Faith", it is not a multi-artist album.

I use only the artist tag and set the same artist for all tracks of an album, I leave the albumartist tag empty. All the tracks of my albums share the same tags except title and tracknumber.

In Poweramp, I have the right tracks for the right artists, but the album infos (such as cover and year) are the same for both albums which makes the infos correct for an album and wrong for the other (See screenshot 2 where The Cure's Faith album has Pop Smoke's Faith album cover (and year) even though  I embedded The Cure's Faith cover in all tracks (See screenshot 3).



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As I said before, the proper solution is to fix your Album Artist tags. That's what they are for.

The 'Join Albums' control is an old fallback to the days before Album Artist was enacted, and adjusting that control may help. It was basically used to enable/disable the use of Track Artists in addition to just the Album Title to enforce album grouping (I forget the exact logic, it's a long time ago now). Neither choice was a perfect solution for all cases though, and these days you should always use Album Artist.

If wrong images have already been assigned and stored, you may then need to do a FULL Rescan, or even Delete the album art cache (in PA Settings > Album Art), once the underlying issue has been resolved. You can even clear individual cached JPEG images from the data folders if you want to dig that deeply into this, they are stored in the album_art (automatic choices) or selected_aa (manually selected artwork) folders, which live inside the overall PA data folder. On older Androids the master folder will be Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ (note the underscore), or on recent Android 10/11 installations look in Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/ . There are similar artist_art and selected_artist folders for artist images, etc.

But before going down any of those rabbit holes, fix your Album Artist tags and do a Full Rescan.


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