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Casting pauses every few seconds


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Casting from phone to nvidia shield has been fine for months, now today when casting the music pauses and starts again every few seconds. Had to use another free app to cast and it worked fine. Not sure why Poweramp has an issue suddenly? I use the cast function once a week and don't think there have been any updates or anything. 

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3 hours ago, andrewilley said:

Could have been a phone update, or a Chromecast server-side change. Try resetting the output to default settings, and/or increasing buffer size.



Thanks will do. Using Pulsar player casting works fine

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I also tried casting to another Nvidia Shield in the house and it has the same issue. I have switched to Pulsar player now which works perfect. I would love to stay with Poweramp, especially as I have purchased it. Does the dev read these forums and see the issues? Can someone else trying casting and see if if there's works properly. I even uninstalled Poweramp (and lost all my liked tracks) and it didn't help. 

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