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Poweramp does not work properly after updating to Realme UI 2.0


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Hey everyone. So I own a Realme XT and just yesterday got an update for Android 11 with Realme UI 2.0. My question is regarding connectivity with my TWS earbuds. Ever since the update, my Soundpeats do not connect via aptX, rather through aptX TWS+, which wouldn't usually be a problem except Poweramp EQ doesn't work properly anymore. Audio often crackles or distorts and the Bass and Treble knobs which used to work amazingly now barely do anything. It's incredibly frustrating how broken it's all become, can someone please help? 



Also the app prompts me to turn off Bluetooth Absolute Volume, which I could easily do before. Now even after doing it, it still continues to prompt me.




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Poweramp is working properly 😅, don't mind me, all I'm trying to say is, the problem is purely with your Rom, some changes has been made to the os that you are yet to get used to, for the Bluetooth codec, try enabling developers option to see if your preferred codec is selectable, if yes then select it manually. 

I have never been prompted to turn off AVC, so I no idea about that, if I should ask, is it Poweramp that prompts you to turn off Bluetooth Absolute Volume? Because in my case the phone (Samsung galaxy m51) will ask to Toggle the Bluetooth off and on after changing AVC. 

About the sound distortion, go to Poweramp sound output and try other options. Try wired and phone speaker. 

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