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Add an Artist/Album/Track Number sort option.

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I have always sorted my playlists by Artist/Album/Track Number. It makes it easier for me to navigate my music collection, queue up tracks in a certain order, and more easily manage my entire library. With Poweramp, I've noticed when I sort by Artist/Album, the track number is not taken into consideration; which makes navigating my playlists more time consuming and difficult to manage.

When shuffling tracks in a playlist, I prefer to keep the playlist in the correct order and have the playback queue reflect the current "shuffled" state. This way I can utilize the queue to alter the playback order or add/remove tracks, rather than altering the playlists.

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I'm referring to playlists. I have a "Main" playlist that contains all my music and separate playlists based on categories, moods, activity types, etc. I like to keep my playlists sorted by Artist/Album/Disk#/Track#. I rely on the queue for managing playback order.

Usually, I just shuffle a playlist; which queues the shuffled playback order. Sometimes, I alter the playback order in the queue itself.

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So when you listen to a given Playlist, rather than just tapping to start playing it, you first add all of its songs into the Queue so you can tweak the song order without affecting the master copy of the Playlist file. Good idea.

You can use the (menu) > Re-sort feature on Playlists, but as you say there is no facility to order in fine detail (such as by Artist>Album>Disc#>Track#). I would suggest you have a look at an external app called New Playlist Manager from the Play Store, which can do all that and more. 


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