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Albums with identical names appear with wrong cover (all but one)


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Hello everybody!
This is my first post. 🙂


build 911-arm32-play[911002-faf436fb]
Samsung A3 2016
Android 6.0.1

My library consists from mp3 files. All of them have embedded cover arts (with Mp3tag v.3.0.2).
All mp3 filenames are in this format: ARTIST-ALBUM-TRACK-TITLE (ie Pink Floyd - The Wall - 01 - In The Flesh) and the respective tags are based on the filename (using Mp3Tag).
The problem appears when some albums have identical names.
For example Led Zeppelin - Greatest Hits, Deep Purple - Greatest Hits or Brahms - Piano Concerto no.1, Beethoven - Piano Concerto no.1 etc.
When there are identical Album names, Poweramp shows correctly only one of them but only in Library or Folders screen. In Now playing screen, all covers are correct.

Without being 100% sure (it's many years that I live with this problem), when three or more albums have identical names, only one of them appears correctly.
For example
Led Zeppelin - Greatest Hits (correct cover)
Deep Purple - Greatest Hits (wrong cover, Zeppelin's one)
U2 - Greatest Hits (wrong cover, Zeppelin's one) etc

The solution I have thought of, is not to have albums with identical names so I make small changes(Led Zeppelin - Greatest Hits of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple - Greatest Hits of Deep Purple etc).

To be honest though, I would prefer not to make these inconvenient (and silly) changes like the above, as far as the app could show all the covers correctly.

Any idea?

Possible solution?

I hope that these pictures will make the problem better understood. 

Thank you in advance!

folders.jpg  library.jpg  now-playing.jpg

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3 minutes ago, Skakner said:

I don't use Album Artist Tag.
The Tags I use are: Artist, Album Artist, Year, Track, Genre.

Adding Album Artist tag, could be a solution.
I think I should give it a try.

Thanks for the answer!

The AlbumArtist tag is definitely the solution. It is what separates any Albums with identical,titles, as it is unlikely an Artist will release a duplicate. At least not without some other differentiators like “Deluxe” or “Remaster” or similar.

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12 minutes ago, 6b6561 said:

Peter Gabriel...

Right, but those albums are also known as Car, Scratch, Melt, and Security. Or can be identified by year. Or as others prefer Peter Gabriel 1/2/3/4. But this is an extremely  rare case that was already discussed in this forum as a stand-out. The solution still applies in the OP’s case to use AlbumArtist to distinguish albums with the same name by different artists.

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