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Galaxy S Music App Features


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Thanks for the request.

Samsung Galaxy S is one of my test phones, so I do know what features its music app has.

1. PowerAMP already have the Alpha indexer (Standard android one - works when you have alpha-num sort enabled, not for track # based sorts). It's possible to add the optional always-visible a-z line, though this will work only for english, and i'm supporting more than one language for now.

2. while this can produce some wow-effect, I'm doubtful about actual usabilty of this. I'm more focused on audio quality and the most frequently player functions for now. For example, auto equalizer + custom presets VS that sort of cover flow (which requires hi end devices and won't work well on low end) - equalizer wins.

On the visual effect department, the frequency analyzer and wave visualizations are planned.

3. It's not possible to integrate into the system lock screens like that for 3rd party app. Even the standalone custom lock screen will always have issues on some phones due to the non-standard/not-supported APIs - each phone implements it differently and there are at least 200 android models on the market, and yes, all of them has differences in their lock screen implementation.

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I'm not saying no to anything that can be implemented and that doesn't make PowerAMP a bloatware.

There are some resource/time constraints though, so this can see the light a bit later - in v3.0 for example (I will definitely need more features for it :) )

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