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Favorites Tab And Custom Organization

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Would like if there were an additional category called Favorites or something that could be edited in which playlists, albums, and artists could be fused into the category. Something that would mimic what Samsung Music would have.

Also would like if there were the option to have custom organization amongst albums, playlists, and artists rather than have them organized by specific order.

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See existing Feature Request thread - is that what you are looking for?

The ability to re-order the top level Library Categories list (in addition to the current show/hide category option) is also an existing request:


Note to self: I really must get around to creating a 'Frequently Requested Features' sticky post, which I said I'd do a while ago. Would be handy for finding these sort of threads quickly.


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Sorry for taking THIS long to respond but yeah, something like that, in the case of a favorites tab, I was thinking of what the Samsung music player has where the favorites tab includes; playlists, albums, artists and "favorite singles", the attached picture has the gist of it. 

In the case of the custom ordered playlists and etc., I meant that within each category, you could manually reorganize the (ie.) playlists in whatever order you want, or in the case of the albums, you can simply move the albums around without having to filter them by artist name or tracks.

Samsung Favorites Tab.png

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4 hours ago, jaimelikesmusic said:

I meant that within each category, you could manually reorganize the (ie.) playlists in whatever order you want

'Playlists' are a separate Category of their own (just like Folders, Albums, Artists, Genres, etc) but because they are a simple flat list of songs they can be adjusted and re-ordered manually song-by-song.

Other Categories are layered (i.e. have nested levels) and you have to specify a sorting order for each level (e.g. albums or folders level, and then songs level). If you want to control the order that they get shown manually, use Filename or Path as the List Options sorting order, and then rename the folders and/or filenames so they appear in the order you want (e.g. add a couple of digits are the beginning of filenames so they get sorted numerically - usually that would be track numbers, but not necessarily of course).


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