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iniciar power amp en fiio M6

Clau. yo

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If you are trying to install a Play Store purchase, you need to have Google features, including the Play Store itself, installed on your device, and install both the app and the unlocker from the store.

If you are trying to install an APK from the website here, with a website-purchased licence, you can do that without Google. Install the app, then use  Settings > Already Purchased? > Website and enter your email address and purchase ID (from the email you were sent). An internet connection is required.



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@andrewilley @andrewilley

Gracias por su pronta respuesta les explico a continuacion mas detalladamente mi caso.

Reinicie mi FiioM6 a fabrica luego de esto no puedo volver a cargar el Poweramp incluso habiendo comprado la licencia, mi equipo M6 cuenta con sistema andriod pero no cuenta con playstore tampoco cuenta con acceso a la web.... o a google services he intentado instalar una version apk sin buenos resultados 

Entonces estimados como lo puedo hacer para volver a cargar la licencia y poder usas el programa Poweramp en su version full

Quedo atento a sus comentarios

Les adjunto fotografias de los mensajes que me da mi equipo fiioM

Foto 1 la version de programa Poweramp

Foto 2 intento de cargar licencia comprada

Foto 4 opcion ya lo has comprado

Foto 7 version de mi equipo Fioo M6




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As I said above, you cannot install a licenced version of Poweramp on any device that does not have a live internet connection (which be via a wi-fi connection for your particular device) as otherwise the licence status cannot be validated. Once validated though, the connection is no longer needed after that. 

For original Play Store purchases, you also must have Google services and the Play Store installed. For direct website purchases, only an internet connection is required.


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