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Blurry Album Art in Android 11 Media Controls

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Ever since Google moved the Media Controls from Notifications to Quick Settings in Android 11, Album Art has been broken for me in Poweramp.


The issue occurs when choosing Auto in the Notification Settings, I tried tinkering with said settings to no avail for this case, choosing Media with the custom cover or Legacy does display the Album Art correctly, but it moves the Media Controls to the notifications as it was in previous Android versions.



I have tested this in a couple other popular Android music players without any issues. (none either in streaming services such as Spotify or Youtube Music)




I believe this is the same issue brought up in this thread a year ago, but the issue still persists.



For the record, my device is a Pocophone F1 running a custom rom, but this has been persistent across roms.


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19 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

May be ROM related? Might be worth trying a clear cache?

On my Samsung A70 it works fine in Android 11 (Auto mode):




Thanks, I've had this problem for over a year now and couldn't find a solution. Funny enough, you showing me it works for you forced me to consider what else could be causing it, and it turned out to be Lock Screen>Blur, enabling that was causing the issue for me.

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Great. Sorry, I should have suggested that, some features in Notifications and the Lock Screen widget are related.

@maxmp By the way Max, this has reminded of a request a while back for the status bar notification to be dismissable via swiping sidewards. Might need to act as 'X' and stop playback though, depending on whether Android now allows currently playing media notifications to be dismissed.


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