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Poweramp always takes over bluetooth buttons from other apps


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App build: 911004

Device: Poco F1

Android: 10

Rom: One OS based on MIUI beta 21.9.3

Issue: Poweramp always starts playing instead of other apps when pressing play on bluetooth headsets.. even if it's closed.. other buttons like next/previous/pause have no issue controlling the appropriate app.. the only way to stop Poweramp from jumping in to take over bluetooth buttons is to force close it..

Steps to reproduce:

1- start Poweramp and play something

2- pause or close Poweramp

3- start another app like youtube music or mx player and play something

4- press play/pause on bluetooth headset to pause the other app

5- press play/pause again on the bluetooth headset

6- Poweramp will start playing regardless of which app was originally playing

Update: this unwanted behavious also happens when the other app is open on screen..

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