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Keeping list of songs displayed when playing music


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I'll try to hold back my frustrations with modern technology.

So, I like the ability to use album cover art to help more seamlessly navigate a music library within Poweramp.

What I'm not crazy about is displaying it when I select an album on  the main screen.  To me, it helps me identify the music a bit quicker (thought not necessary).  I don't really need to see it when I begin playing music.  DEFINITELY not that prominently displayed.  It's not important.  I'd much rather see a list of songs.  Much more relevant.

Here is Poweramp Screen A that comes up.  I don't like this screen because it requires me to select and swipe down on the album cover art to bring up the list of songs again, after selecting a song.   Spotify has a nice clean simple design but I'm not crazy about paying that money for essentially renting a large library of music at this time:




Here is screen Poweramp Screen B:

I tried looking for settings but there are so many options/settings to cu
stomize that I'd be doing that for at least 45 minutes, and perhaps it's not even possible.  I'd not be surprised if so.  There are some poorly designed tech apps/devices out there that have features that are just...dumb..not sure how else to say it.

If I'm not clear enough (pretty sure I am), please let me know.  Pretty straight forward though.

I don't want to have to keep swiping down every time I want to go to a different song.  I ride a bike with a pouch on a backpack shoulder strap.  When I'm not in any real significant traffic, I sometimes quickly take out phone with right hand to change a song, and have left hand on handlebar. This Poweramp current setup is not convenient and seems like no biggie but it kind of is to me.




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