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File based/external playlists extensions name hide


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The ability to hide file based/external playlists extension type in the title of the playlist like internal playlists, i use file/external playlists because i update the playlist file from pc with musicbee all the time

Example: "Lofi.m3u" to show just "Lofi" in playlists screen in library



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It would be nice to have that feature as a tickbox in Library > Playlists > List Options, as one or two people have asked for it. Or maybe even read and display any #PLAYLIST tags (which define the playlist title, inside the file), if present. 

There would need to be a little file/folder symbol next to each title to show which playlists are file-based rather than internal database though. Tapping that folder icon could act like an 'Info' button - or add it to the long-press menu - showing you the path to the M3U file etc. It seems a little odd that you can view the path info for song files but not rename them, yet you can't see the path info for playlist files but you can rename them.


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