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Poweramp misses tracks in "Recently Added" (I am sure now)


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Hello Poweramp team,

I posted this yesterday evening already, but thought I had done something wrong, so I double checked - but it seems I found a small bug with the "Recently Added" playlist.

I own two phones at the moment: A Sony Xperia X Compact with stock Android 8, and a OnePlus 6 with underlying OxygenOS 11 and LineageOS 18.1 on top. Both phones use the same Poweramp build, build-911-arm64-play.

If I load the same, old album (from 2011) to my both phones through USB cable (that means, MTP), and then do a (normal) library rescan, the album will show up on top of my "Recently Added" playlist on my Sony device, but it won't on my OnePlus device. No matter the setting, be it ordered by "date when added to library" or be it by "last time edited".
The interesting thing: If I order "All Titles" on my OnePlus by "date when added to library", the exact album will show up on top, so it seems Poweramp knows that it was recently added; it just did not get added to the playlist.

Edit: If I now add ONE song of the mentioned old album through Dropbox, so via download, and NOT via cable/MTP, it will show up in "Recently Added" on both phones. Super strange.

Now I do not know if this maybe an MPT problem, or maybe a problem that resulted from importing my Poweramp settings from the old device to the new one. Maybe one of you guys knows what's up here.

Thank you very much in advance!!!

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'Last Modified' is an Android system storage property. Not all methods of updating/copying files update it in the same way - e.g. you may see different results when using file explorer apps, USB-cable copies, or automatic syncing apps. Strictly speaking, the last-modified date should migrate with a file when you copy it - so if you last edited a file on your PC two years ago, the Android filesystem Last Modified flag should show as two years ago too, in which case it won't appear in a Recent list in Poweramp. Not all copier work that way though, and the Modified date is sometimes set the same as the Created date (which is the date the file was first saved onto the Android device).

'Date Added to Poweramp' is an internal library feature, and it won't alter if you re-add or modify a file, only if a completely 'new' file is found. For example if you rename an existing file, it will be treated as 'new' item in Poweramp's library. 


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Hi Andre!
Thanks for the fast reply. Okay, the general concepts are clear to me. Why won't the mentioned album show up in my "Recently Added" playlist, though? As it is an old album, the "Last Modified" date lies in the past, of course, so my album does not fall into that category. Either way I just recently added it to my Poweramp library, so it SHOULD show up in my "Recently added" playlist, shouldn't it? As it does on my Sony device. 
I find the whole topic a little confusing, so maybe I am misunderstanding something. Also, the whole thing is no big deal. But I just wondered why my Sony device would add even old albums to the playlist once I added them, and my OnePlus would not. 

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Most likely you added the same folder/files in the past, so PA knows it is not 'new' to its Library. As a test, try renaming some of the audio filenames (e.g. add an extra character to the start of the filename) and see if when they are scanned again they show up as Recently Added items.


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I just tried that, and also addes some screenshots to make my "problem" more clear.

I just added an album to my Poweramp folder that I for sure never added before to that specific phone (Brother Bear); I am using my OnePlus since last week only. 
The album only contains of two songs. First, I copied it to my storage through the USB cable. After a library rescan (normal, not full), the songs show up on top of "All Titles" if I sort the list by "date added to library", but they won't show up in "Recently Added" at all. If I rename one of the songs and do a normal rescan again, nothing changes. I then deleted the album and copied just one song through Dropbox into my Poweramp folder. And, as you can see, that song now shows up in "Recently Added". So the problem must be somewhat related to my cable/MTP method? Which also is strange, because if I do the same on my older Sony, everything works fine and the songs show up in "Recently Added" even through the cable method.

"All Titles" after copying through USB cable:


"Recently Added" after copying through USB cable:


"Recently Added" after copying through Dropbox:



Edit: I just now bought a brand new track of one of my favourite bands. I copied it to my phone through CABLE, and after rescanning, it DID show up in "Recently Added".
So, my theory is that there has to be a difference between the to MTP versions of my two phones. Only older albums and songs that are transferred through USB connection are affected by the bug.
It would be super interesting to know how the "Recently Added" playlist exactly works under the hood. 

Edit2: I think I found the cause for my problem.
When copying files to my old Sony phone via USB cable, the "last edited" timestamps of all the mp3 files get changed to the exact timing the copying process is done.
When copying files to my new OnePlus via USB cable, the "last edited" timestamps do NOT get affected.
I now assume that the MAIN condition for tracks to be added to the "Recently Added" playlist is that they were EDITED lately, not added to the library? 
That would explain why new songs show up in the playlist, while (from a creation/editing perspective) old songs don't. 
Seems like there was a change in the MTP protocoll between Android 8 and 11, or between Sony and OnePlus.

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