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Paid for full version, didn't get it, money withholded


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Hi there!

After trying several music players for my FiiO M6 I finally bought the full Poweramp version, as it was the player that has convinced me the most. I bought the "non-google" version, as the M6 doesn't have play services.

However, as soon as I paid for it, I received an email that said "thank you for your purchase, Unfortunately, our system cannot process any orders coming from disposable/anonymizing/temporary e-mail domains."

My email isn't a disposable e-mail, it's a paid account of an EU mail provider (which indeed is focused on privacy, but whatever). Ironically, it's the same e-mail I used to register this account and to open this topic, but I get it: only standard mails. Then I see my bank account and the money for the purchase has been withholded. So here I am, with no Poweramp and no money.

Question is, will my money come back to my account on it's own or do I have to contact someone to get it back? What's the process in this case?

Ps: wrote on "Bugs" because it's the more related topic I found.

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29 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

Is the fee merely authorised (held) or a fully settled payment? If the former it will simply disappear on its own, the latter needs to be refunded.


It's just authorised for now. I will wait it to disappear then,


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