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Stable-Ids question


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I encountered a "duplicate key" issue in stable-ids.txt after the recent update to Artic Fox and gradle 7. I cleared the stable-ids.txt file in the knowledge it would repopulate. However, after the recent release of my skin I have had reports of users, unable to apply their backups to restore the skin settings. 

The question is, is there a relationship between the ids in stable-ids.txt and a user exported settings? 

If so this would mean i should never change stable-ids.txt

I hope you can shed some light on this,

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I had this happen to me. My exported PA Settings backup file now appears to contain two individual configurations for the $YAPS$ skin, one of which is applied to build 158 and earlier, and another one that is applied to build 159/160. So I can't use my backup file to restore my customised YAPS settings (saved from 158) to the current YAPS builds.


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@flyingdutchman yes, ids should be “stable” for preferences to be compatible. I would suggest using that previous stable ids file and manually editing out any possible duplications from it or if any other issues arise. 
I will also try to avoid dependency on stable ids for the next PA builds, if that is possible.

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EDIT: some dependencies are removed, but still stable ids are pretty much required due to the way Android resources works (with well defined ids which we want to have the same value).

Stable ids are still needed for:
- the theme id which is used in skin plugin.xml
- for any skin style or skin attribute referenced from skin plugin.xml

Other resource ids stability is not important and are internal to the skin.

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