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Option to "Bind" Pre-Amp Value with EQ Preset

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I suppose this goes for the stand-alone version of Poweramp EQ, in addition to the music player (but I only use the latter anyhow..)

Given that the pre-amp gain's value should be used to offset the maximum amount of gain applied by any parameter chosen, this Pre-Amp gain would be specific to that preset as arranged.

Especially since only a handful of options in the EQ menu actually allow one to enter a value with the keyboard instead of fiddling with finicky sliders to get it where you want it.


For me at least, I don't need to use pre-amp gain when not using EQ, and I certainly want pre-amp gain to be in the mix before I turn my EQ preset on.

Is it possible for these to be tied together without confusing things further?

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It would make sense to me too. The pre-amp gain setting is a part of any EQ configuration IMHO. Sometimes used to counterbalance the specific assigned frequency adjustments, or just to make allowances for the final volume of a particular output device.


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