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Sample rates > 48Khz output silence when using a Hidizs S9 USB DAC


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When using a Hidizs S9 USB DAC on my Pixel 4a (stock rom) running Poweramp from play store (6th April 2021), choosing any sample rate > 48KHz causes the DAC to output silence. Changing back to 44.1 or 48 brings the music back.

The sample rate colour indicator on the device changes.

Any ideas?

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No, Poweramp cannot dynamically change High-Res output settings on the fly based on the source tracks:

Your screenshot seems a bit odd. PA says it is outputting at 384/32 - yet there is no Resampler information, and DSP processing is happening at the source rate of 96kHz. Have you tried restoring Output methods back to Default settings, and then create your output mode again? Maybe try turning DVC off too?

@maxmp can probably throw more light on this than me though.


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Resetting the resampler and audio output settings (and setting the hi-res output back up) didn't make a difference, but what did was disabling DVC.

With DVC disabled, and setting the ouput sample rate to 96KHz, I do now hear sound out of the DAC. However, there is still a discrepancy between the sample rates in the output chain. It looks like if you choose a sample rate > 48KHz the PA outputs at 384KHz.


The other thing I notice is that the sample rate indicator LED on the device is acting odd. I've attached an image from the manufacturers documentation.image.thumb.png.8161cb4028d7ae437fee893a017592d6.png

My testing:

 - Start with the hi-res sample rate "defined by device".

- Plug in DAC. Play music. Device LED is green.

- Set sample rate to 96KHz. Device LED turns blue (?!). I also notice that the bit-depth automatically changes to 32-bit (in the hi-res settings).

- After this, changin the sample rate to any value (including 41 and 48), the device LED remains blue (?!).

This would suggest that the device thinks it is outputting at 176 or 192KHz. i.e. disagreeing with PA. Something seems wrong.

Hope this helps.


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