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The app stops reacting after playing a few dozen songs


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Hi, I've been annoyed by a bug that happens at least once a week. (It is better to watch the video than to read this text. It's easier to understand I think.)

It goes something like this:

I play a few dozen songs, then skip a few, and when I want to skip another the app stops responding to commands.

The app is still responsive, but it doesn't listen to what the user tells it to do. It just plays a song, I click stop, it doesn't stop, I can click next or previous and it doesn't do anything either. I can open the playlist and click on any song and nothing the app does. If I click on the song that is currently playing it opens back up the detail player, but still nothing works. I can move around the timeline, but the song still plays the same and doesn't jump to the section it's currently showing. And when the song is finished, the same song starts playing. The only solution is to terminate the application twice via system settings and after scanning the library the application works normally again.

  • Poweramp build-911-arm64-play
  • Galaxy S10+ (SM-G9750)
  • Android 10 (One UI 2.5)

(When it happens to me again I'll try to create a log if I can.)

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On 8/23/2021 at 5:25 PM, andrewilley said:

I wonder if your device is putting it into a low-power state of some sort? Should come out of it as soon as the screen is woken though, so that seems odd. I think a log would help Max determine what's going on here.


I have my phone set to optimized. But the app is in battery optimization exceptions, so it shouldn't be related to that.

I also sent an email with this log.


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I'm also having this same exact problem, although mine is song specific. If I delete the song, the bug follows to a new specific song (won't know which song until the bug happens). It's frustrating. The only work around is if I force close the app, launch, search a song and play the searched song.  It's pretty annoying, especially since I like the song that triggers the bug.  Pls help. 


Galaxy note 20 ultra US-verizon 

Build 911 arm64  play

Android 11 one UI 3.1

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@MRguyandhis2 As this is repeatable for this one song, please don't delete it yet in case the issue can be tracked down via it. It seems odd that it only happens with one song, but that if you delete that file it then moves to a different song. That makes it unlikely to be the physical song file that's causing the issue, but perhaps uploading a copy of it for checking might be worthwhile anyway?

When you start to play this song, what controls work and what don't? Is it just screen interactions that fail, or do headset button functions stop too? Can you get into the Poweramp Settings screen to send a logfile as soon as the problem occurs? (use PA Settings > Get Support > Send Log > email to gpmaxmpz @ gmail.com )


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