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'Disappearing category buttons


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I love Poweramp and use it in a happy 'marriage' with MP3 Tag.

I do occasionally find that things change, without any intervention on my part, and possibly this might be because the app has got so many subtle settings, that a click at one place affects something elsewhere, and then you have to check through, hopefully to find the setting you might have tweaked, or a mischievous spirit did it for you.

I use the Blue Skin, and mine is the paid-for version.

While I didn't quite understand what the smaller pair of arrows on the main play screen did, occasionally I found them 'grayed' out, so while I could see them, they were inactive.

I've looked at some posts, and while I think it's something to do with 'pro buttons' (I'm basically more novice than expert!), I have 'enabled' these, and when the small buttons (double arrow heads) have disappeared in the past, I've always seemed to be able to get them back.

Today they are being extremely elusive, and somewhat aggravating!

It's probably an easy fix - if you know how!

Thanks in anticipation

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Sod's law!

The little buttons have now reappeared and are fully functions, though I didn't do anything.


While I'm thankful for that, it would still be useful to know more about it, in case it happens again!


Many thanks, as ever!


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The category change buttons (<<< >>>) change (sub)categories (albums, folders, genres, playlists), but if you're in some category without subcategories (All songs, Shuffle all, Streams, and few others) they can't change anything and are disabled/greyed out.

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