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Please modify the function of the volume buttons!

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Hello guys,

I think I created a similar thread for that some months ago, but I ain't sure no more.

So sorry for creating this one.

PowerMP is really a great app and I'm so happy that I bought it.

However, please fix this volume button problem that is unfortunately an Android problem!

It's such a pity that the volume gets increased/decreased so inaccurately when you press the volume buttons.

PowerMP has a master volume bar and an extra volume bar.

These options give users a perfect possibility to adjust their favorite volume.

Well, but many users don't hold their cell phones in their hands when they're listening to music.

Pressing the volume buttons is never a problem, though, but it's almost useless since it's so inaccurate.

It'd be perfect if PowerMP had an option that lets you adjust how many percent the volume gets increased/decreased

when you press the specific volume button or for example to set up the volume steps, 64 instead of 16, or 32 instead of 16 etc.

Please, we ain't no dogs that could hear any theoretical quality loss since someone mentioned 16 was a perfect number to adjust volume, it just ain't!

If that was true, all the MP3 players out there would have hearable quality loss cause they got more than 16 volume steps.

Honestly guys, I can't see that ugly green Android volume bar no more - it makes me angry and sick!

All those Apple guys laugh at Android's ridiculous volume system :(

We should teach 'em a lesson!

I got a Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 2.3.4 and the newest version of PowerMP and the unlocker of course.

P.S: Sorry for being emotionally charged - it just ain't my day today...


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