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Confused on the queue and to play where I left off.

George Kimani

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I've been trying to understand how the queue works if you've ever used Musicolet and it's queue then you'd would understand clearly.

Whenever I press the play button on the queue or on any playlist instead of taking me where I left off it starts at the begin again.

Is their a way Poweramp can remember what song I was playing cause it's frustrating to start again on a queue or playlist.

Also to move from one playlist to another or go to another category without fearing you'll have to start again from the beginning of you wanted to return.

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Just restart playback from the Player screen, using the Play/Pause button in the middle. It should still be at the position where you were last listening to Poweramp, and it will continue playing from there.

If you use the 'Play' icon at the top of any songs list (including the Queue list) that means to commence playback from the beginning. It basically does exactly the same as tapping the first song in the list and disabling any shuffle options.

For Playlists and Folders (only) you can enable a position memory by tapping on the three-dots menu icon at the top of the songs list and choosing List Options, then tick the 'Per-Track Progress' and 'List Position' memories. Then if you then later come back and press the Play icon again sometime in the future, it will return to the same place you left off. There is separately adjustable for every individual folder or playlist, and is great for things like Audio Books.


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