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The problem is that when the final song in any category/list finishes, unless Repeat is set to something like Repeat Category or Advance Category, the cursor returns to the 0:00 position in that final song. So as far as the Play Count threshold is concerned, when you subsequently move on to another song, PA thinks that the old song was unplayed.

To be honest, that behaviour has always felt somewhat counter-intuitive to me. When a category (album, folder, playlist, etc) finishes and playback stops, it doesn't seem logical for the cursor to roll back to the beginning of the final song. Personally, I think it should either:

  1. Remain at the very end of that final song, where playback finished, waiting for you to decide what to do next,    or
  2. Return to the beginning of the current category/list - so the cursor sits back at the start of the first song in the current album, folder, playlist, etc. 

Implementing either of those methods would fix your play count issue too, as would changing the triggering method to a listened threshold rather than a purely counter-value based system. So for example for a 50% threshold, the played count would get incremented as soon as any 2'30" worth of content from a 5 minute track had been listened to - regardless of how you listened, and whether you then set the counter back to zero afterwards or moved on to another track.

There have been some other discussions of this in the past:


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