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Poweramp permanent notification shows the right song playing while the app itself shows the previous in the Playlist


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As per title, you can verify by the Screenshots.

Pressing next in the app moves to the next song and shows in the app what was previously showing in the notification, but the current song in the notification is the one that is actually playing. Clicking on things like: go to album, goes to the correct, currently playing album, and not the one displayed in the app. 

Samsung Galaxy S10, latest android, latest Poweramp but anyway this has also, rarely, been happening for ages and spans multiple versions of OS and app. 



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This happened in the Most Played Playlist. The most played Playlist is actually now all offsetted by one, meaning that if I click on any songs in the list, it actually plays the next one in the list. 

My guess? By playing some songs in the list, their order in the internal list changed but the UI didn't update to show the change.

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The play counter for a song currently being played from the Most Played list should not get updated (for exactly the reasons you describe, it would get out of sync with its own list). Perhaps somehow the count is getting incremented when it should not be? I suspect Max would need more detailed examples of before/after lists though.


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Simply the list was shifted by one in the actual app compared to the notification, which was showing the actually playing song.

Clinking on new songs would play the next one in the list but show the cover and name of the clicked one. 

I don't think I could tell you much more unfortunately. 

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