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Poweramp get unusable after a period of time

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every time I using Poweramp for a long time all elements disappear and the app isn't usable any more. If I tap the three points (for more information about the title) the album cover dissappears. If I click any button at the bottom nothing happens and after using the "back" button in Android all elements are gone. I don't know why, but changing the skin will not solve the problem. When I stop the app manually all elements are back and everytime works normally till I go back and the same thing happens again. Only deleting all app data solves the problem, but I don't want to lose the ratings of the songs everytime.

Used device:

Sony Xperia X | Android 8.0.0 | App version build-905 (Bug happend since build-893)


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I'm guessing there are memory issues with your device, and some sort of database corruption is occurring. Do have have a lot of songs in your collection, and/or large cover images?


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Yes, I have lots of songs, currently a little bit more than 2,000 and it is constantly growing up. But since the version 'build-893' (I had about 1,400 songs) it just happend two times. If I delete the app data and restart the app it works fine again. I don't want to delete the app data again.

EDIT: I tried now this: I deleted some apps for more internal space. Then I moved Poweramp from the internal storage to my sd card (this works on my Xperia X but not on my other devices). Now the app works without problems. If it brokes again I will post it here.

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