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Clicking noise with new install


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I previously used Poweramp with my old phone Xiaomi mi9t via Bluetooth in my car no problem. I now have a new phone Redmi Note10 pro with new Poweramp install and often I get clicking sounds during songs when I start playing , closing and reopening Poweramp seems to fix it.

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Is this still with Bluetooth? Try choosing a different output method for Bluetooth in PA Settings > Audio > Output (e.g. try AudioTrack, or AAudio, or Hi-Res). Also try increasing the BT output method buffer size.

If you are using  DVC, make sure that Absolute Volume Control for DVC is disabled in Android Settings > Developer Options.


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@ryadre also, if by any means settings from the previous Poweramp installation are reused on the new device (settings could be automatically restored by Google cloud service on app install or manually), I would recommend using “Restore Defaults” option in:

- Audio / Output

- Audio / Advanced tweaks


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