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better 'cover-flow' design and functionality in player screen


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Hi! I've been using Poweramp for about a year now and i just want to say that this is the BEST music player on the Android platform right now. I just wish the main player screen had a better "cover-flow" design and functionality. Right now it just shows you the art of the playing song, with a blurry color background. It looks good, but function wise it doesnt do much. Doing a long swipe only slides you to the next or previous song. Wouldn't it be better to show the album art of a few previous and succeeding songs, and dragging across the screen would scroll quickly through the album arts. If I wanted to go from song 1 then to song 30, i have to either tap the 'next' button 29 times,swipe 29 times, or go into the list view and select song 30 there. It would be so much simpler to just scroll quickly through album art from the main player screen. That, and it would look REALLY cool.

..oh and the sorting feature seems kinda whack, it won't sort with newest songs first. Tried ticking 'reverse' but still wont go. I always end up with the newest songs at the bottom..

Hope you can work these into a succeeding release :) , cheers!

**I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 btw.

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