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Questions about file tagging update


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1. Whenever I update a song's tag through 3rd party app (AutomaTag), it doesn't update immediately (it'll update eventually) in Poweramp, especially album art, artist name, etc. but lyrics are immedately displayed. How do I make Poweramp "re-scan" the tags? Quick file rescan in Recently Added doesn't work


2. Also, after tag update through AutomaTag, the edited songs show up in 'Recently Added', how to stop this? I just want recently added to have new songs, not "old song that I just edit".

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1. You may need to do a FULL Rescan (in PA Settings > Library) to force Poweramp to fully clear the database and re-read tag data which it assumes has already been scanned.

2. The 'Recently Added' category can be sorted in multiple ways, including by 'Date Added to Library' (which is the mode you want) or 'By Date Added/Modified (filesystem date/time)' which sorts using the files' last-modified date. I suspect you may have the latter selected for that category. Open the 'Recently Added' category view, tap the three-dots menu icon, and select List Options to change it.


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