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A preset converter from graphical to parametrics

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Hi again...

Sorry for bombarding the forum... your app is already awesome, but I guess sharing the experience is useful... 

I suggest adding a button at the end of preset list to import/convert preset from graphical/parametric saved presets.

I played with the parametric preset its amazing but I guess it would require me a whole day to fine tune it correctly so importing/converting my existing presets from the graphical mode would be super helpful and time saving.

Thanks :)

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To convert standard 10-band graphic to parametric you have to cofigure each band with their respective freq and with a Q value of 1.41 (example: 31hz / Q 1.41 - 62hz / Q 1.41... 16000hz / Q 1.41).

If you use custom bands you have to check their Q in the app.


To fine tune headphones you can start with the harman target as "neutral" and adjust bass/treble to your liking; you can check if your headphones/iems is on this list and use their measurements https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq/tree/master/results

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@Xav1403 Just tested the github AudioEq config for my headset with parametric mode, its mind blowing I get perfectly the exact same sound quality as my custom preset that required me 2 days to fine tune... its incredible that I got the same result BUT the bands settings are completely different its like saying 5+3+1=9 and 2+4+3=9 same result but different equation... anyway thanks Xav for that indication ;)

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