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How to change output device

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I'm currently using qudelix-5k dac with Samsung S21 (Android 11). And, I'm having issue with using dac on usb mode.

Qudelix-5k works very well in usb dac mode(output device/Qudelix-5K USB DAC 96kHz) when I disconnect bluetooth connection with it.(Qudelix-5k supports both bluetooth mode & usb dac mode) The problem is, to change and apply specific setting for qudelix-5k, I need to run qudelix-5k android app and connect bluetooth.

When I turn bluetooth on and connect dac with my phone. Poweramp automatically change output device to bluetooth headphone.(output device/qudelix-5k/LDAC 32bit 98kHz)

I checked SmartThings-audio output in andoroid notification bar(I'm using korean language for my phone so the name could be different) and make sure audio output is set to headphone, also I checked Qudelix-5k app, conformed active state is usb audio mode.

I tried to figure out a way to change bluetooth output to usb dac output but I could not.

Is there a way to change output device?

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