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playlist header malfunction


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build 905

Galaxy S9, android 10

after placing a shortcut to a playlist on my home screen I went into the app and noticed that the header images for all but one of my playlists suddenly stopped stretching to fill that portion of the screen. I tried choosing the same image file for the playlists again to see if that would reset it but the problem persisted. was wondering if this is something I could fix myself.

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okay, sorry to keep bothering, but I had square aspect ratio for album art settings chosen so the thumbnails in the albums page would all be cohesive. until today (after placing the playlist shortcut) that setting choice didn't affect my playlist headers at all, so by choosing 'default' instead of square, my playlist headers are fixed but now some of the thumbnails in the album section are doing their own thing, so I guess I still have a bug

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