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Poweramp Crashing upon Buying Unlocker

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So I bought the Poweramp unlocker on Google Play store using the same google account I have on my android head unit. At first it wanted me to buy again but then said error you already own this. So it finally updated and allowed me to install it. So when I clicked it and clicked Open Poweramp it crashes. I have AGAMA car launcher which has Poweramp integrated so I changed my default music app to Vanilla music temporarily in case it couldn't unlock while active and open. That didn't work so I Uninstalled it but kept the files so it doesn't have to re-download album art etc and and clicked Poweramp unlocked and chose install, which it did but then it still crashes. Anyone know why this would be happening? I also tried to force stop while opening unlocked after clearing cache.

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is this a known brand device or one of the Chinese imports which are getting quite prevalent, and what version of Android? Have you tried uninstalling and removing all files (clear app data). You can backup and restore the image cache folders from Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ later if you wish.


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