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Album list, etc. Sort order incorrect none English titles, etc.


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If you have none English titles, etc. which contain accents, tildes, etc. the sort order fails.


Básico appears after "Bu.." instead of "Ba.."

Dvorak: Overtures appears before

Dvořák: Cello Concerto

Device Samsung A505

Android: 11

Poweramp: build 905 arm64 play

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I’m not sure why this is marked as a solution when you just posed the question. [Fixed --- Admin]

Sorting uses the standard sort of Unicode characters. This will impact your accented characters as well.

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Sorting uses the accepted alphanumeric computer string sorting methods for ASCII/Unicode characters. Some exceptions are currently utilised - for example uppercase and lowercase letters are treated the same, which is not the case for a pure ASCII sort, as that would put A-Z (ASCII 65-90) before a-z (ASCII 97-122). Also it's possible to set PA to ignore articles in sort terms ("the", "a", "an") but currently only in English. 

I agree that a more natural human-oriented sorting option might make more sense for text-based tags though, allowing accented letters to be sorted beside their non-accented counterparts, and numbers to be sorted 'numerically' rather than as a consecutive set of characters (so the string "11" would come after "1", "2", "3", "4", etc - which in purely string-based sorting it does not).

Path/Filename sorting should probably be left as it is though, filename editing is a good way force ordering into the patterns you want without affecting the music tag contents.


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