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Help Maximizing Volume for Car Bluetooth System Permanently


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Hello everybody,

I got a new Android phone and wasn't happy with the volume and lack of bass when running Poweramp through my car's Bluetooth audio. I've taken the following steps to improve the issue:

-Disabled Absolute Volume Control in Android dev options.

- Turned off EQ in Poweramp because the preamp was set to a negative value, I may play around with EQ later.

-Currently have DVC turned off and Headroom gain set to zero because the default -6 db was the main factor killing my volume (would love advice on this setting).

My questions: any lovers of loud bass heavy music with other suggestions on increasing volume without losing sound quality? Will my changes stay permanent or reset after updates? Why do Poweramp and Android combine forces to shush my music (ironic given the name POWER AMP)?


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The audio quality of the playback isn’t based off of shear volume. In fact most hi-res music actually plays at much lower levels than the digital brick wall standard of music releases today to increase the dynamics. However if you are simply looking for higher levels, just increase the preamp level, it is the left slider in the EQ. Poweramp will remember the settings for each device if you save it in the EQ window, even if you don’t use any other EQ settings.

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Tools like ReplayGain for example aim to achieve a consistent matched maximum level between files - however its target spec level is about 14dB lower than 100% digital maximum. However if you prefer volume over quality, by all means adjust that slider all then way up to the top, and do the same with the pre-amp setting. The peak levels will most likely clip and distort terribly, but at least your volume will be able to go up to 11.

Enabling DVC usually helps with getting increases in overall volume levels by the way. It's only if you have DVC set to OFF that the Headroom Gain reduction is then used to avoid peak clipping.


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