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Is it Possible to use USB DAC Hi-Res Output with Android Auto?


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My phone is plugged into my car with a USB-C cable that supports DAC, as well as the latest version of Android Auto installed, but Poweramp will only use the Speaker Hi-Res output. When I tried specifically turning off only the Speaker Hi-Res output (in hopes Poweramp will switch to the USB DAC Hi-Res output) it just switches to a non Hi-Res Speaker output. Any further troubleshooting ideas? Or is anyone using a Hi-Res output, other than Speaker, while connected to Android Auto?

Other details

  • Car: 2019 Volkswagen Jetta
  • Phone: Galaxy Note10+ 5G
  • Hi-Res Variant: Samsung UHQA PCM
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@andrewilley It can play audio over Bluetooth, and it can play audio through the USB. However, there are 2 different modes for playing audio over the USB connection...

  1. The system can access the phones storage and copy the audio file to the car's internal storage, or it can just play the audio file straight from the phones storage <- (Im not 100% how to check if this method plays audio files over USB DAC or just USB)
  2. You can switch to use Android Auto from the infotainment screen, and that's where I can use Poweramp to play music
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@Kaleb__17 1. is certainly unrelated to Poweramp. For Android Auto, some app on the android device have to decode/play audio, as Android Auto is basically just a screen which displays (compressed) video+audio and sends touch and button events back to Android. The audio is either encoded into that video stream or is separately played via BT connection.

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