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suggestions. (๑✪⌓✪๑)ノ🍺

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I bought the full version, but I miss some of these options in the music player you could consider one of them.
・Rewind 3/2 seconds (I saw that you can only go back 10 and advance 10).
・A/B repeater: for studying languages and taking music by ear.
・Lyrics: this is the function I use most and the Poweramp does not have ( T . T ).

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(Moved to the main Poweramp forums, as these requests are not related to the Equalizer app)
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No lie, if someone likes another app, it's because they didn't know Poweramp. Without a doubt it's the best of the best, thinking about it and the maturity of the app, I've come to suggest a build for Windows and suddenly for Mac too, I think it would be a great opportunity. And for those who don't want the program, only the equalizer and its components could be compiled with the same fidelity as the app has. It would be extraordinary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that happens, I'll buy it at the same time I see it. (Google Translator)

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