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Explicit/Clean tags for for iTunes AAC files or "ITUNESADVISORY" tag.

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This is the feature I've always wanted to be included in Poweramp. I've had a lot of songs that the metadata is taken from iTunes, most of them are AAC m4a files. Been using Poweramp for years and this is the feature I really wanted to be implemented.

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Poweramp generally does not scan or use the plethora of proprietary tags generated by various different suppliers and editors. It doesn't even use around 90% of the 'official' tags from ID3 or others specs (and I don't think Apple has ever provided an official complete spec for their iTunes/AAC tags anyway, even though it's been worked out externally).

Out of interest, given that you specifically chose to download the files to your phone in the first place, what would you expect PA to do with such tags anyway?  


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