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Once Poweramp have displayed leave Queue, play next and queue has no effect, why is it so? 

What I mean is, Poweramp will not play song as next when a song is added at the last current queue. It will get back to the previous list before the current ending queue. I know it is responding to the settings in list options, but I think play next should overwrite that command. 

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Not quite sure I understand what you are asking? This is how the Queue is designed to work, which is how it works for me (with default settings):

  1. I start by playing (for example) an album.
  2. While listening, I browse through the library and find a few songs that I want to interrupt normal playback and listen to, which I add to the temporary 'Queue'.
  3. After the currently playing song from my album has finished, the Queue commences playback and it continues until the last enqueued song has been played.
  4. When the Queue has finished, playback returns to normal album mode (playing the next song in the album that I was originally listening to).
  5. If I want to enqueue any more songs to again interrupt my normal album listening, I go back and repeat step 2. The new songs again start playing after the current album song is done.

How does it behave for you?


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Exactly as you explained, but in a situation when on the last enqueued song, (if you check the main player ui) leave Queue will be set as next (if set to display next song) so adding another song at this point, this action is ignored, unless Poweramp goes to the last category first, then I add play next again, only then will that command be executed. 

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Hmm, I  can't duplicate that. This is what I did to test:

I started playing an album, and then I added three new songs from the library to the Queue.
Once the current album-based song had finished, PA started playing the Queue as expected. I let it continue until the last queued song had commenced playback, and the 'next action' line was thus showing as 'Leave Queue'.
I then added one extra song into the Queue, which Poweramp went on to play as expected before finally leaving the Queue after all of the queued songs had played.
I tested this by adding the extra song using both the ">> Queue" and "> Play Next" actions, both of which added the new song at the end of the Queue (i.e. after the currently playing final queued song).

In case our configurations are different, this is what I have in Settings > Library > Queue:



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2 hours ago, Bencherished said:

I changed to your settings, working fine. But no shuffling. 

Turn the 'Ignore Shuffle' feature off again then. If I enqueue a set of songs, that's the order I want to listen to them - without having to adjust my regular shuffle sequence. Hence why I have it set that way, but if you want the Queue to be shuffled like any other list, that's why it's an option. 

Your problem was being caused by the "Always Clear on Add" option, keep that turned off and you should be fine.

@maxmp There is definitely a glitch with the 'Always Clear on Add' option, triggered when you enqueue any new songs while an existing Queue is still playing. e.g. if you are currently playing song 3 of 10 in the Queue, and then you enqueue 5 new songs, PA clears the old queue and replaces it with the five new songs as expected - however it now thinks it is playing 3 of 5 from the new list.

In that specific case, the Queue should probably be cleared of all songs except for the currently playing one, and the new songs should be appended as items 2, 3, 4, etc so they play afterwards. Unless 'Start Playing Immediately' is enabled, in which case playback should immediately start on the first song in the new Queue.


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