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Poweramp rating music export and import in Traktor pro 2


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I am using Poweramp to listen to music and rate this music in the preparation of DJ set music.

So my question is: how I can export music from Poweramp (on android phone) to my Macbook pro and import in traktor and still have the rating I did on Poweramp, and keeping also the original high quality files that I use in Poweramp?

And is there a Poweramp usable on mac laptop?


Thanks a lot



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Ratings are stored locally in Poweramp's database, they are not written into the actual music files directly. Some third party apps, such as New Playlist Manager for example, can access the database and write the values back into music tags, but that depends a bit on the Android version (it's harder on 11 for example, due to storage access restrictions).

Poweramp also stores ratings when you export Playlists. So you build a Playlist of your whole music library, and then export it to an M3U8 file, you can see the rating values in there too. There will be an entry for each song, labelled #EXT-X-RATING:<n> . This is not an industry standard item though, so I'm not sure what other apps can automatically read it (if any).

Auto-downloaded artwork images are saved locally in Poweramp's local cache folders, they are not written back to the music files, so unless NPM can insert the images into files they are only usable in Poweramp.  If you want to copy the JPEG files and do it yourself though, they are stored in /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/album_art/ (or on Android 10/11 the folder name is /Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/album_art/ ). If you manually selected some images, their final subfolder name is selected_aa .


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Thanks a lot for your helpfull answers. But one more questions, when I go to the application that you suggested, it is a tag editor for Mp3/Flac/m4A but I don't see nothing about AIFF files. Do you know if it is possible also to write on AIFF tag?

Thanks again !!

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AIFF files can contain tags, often in an ID3-formatted 'chunk', but not all editors can process them. TagScanner and MP3Tag both seem to work, as does Poweramp's internal tag editor, but Windows itself doesn't recognise them. To be honest, it's a 30-year-old Apple designed uncompressed format, which seems pretty-much obsolete for the rest of the tech world, so might be better to convert any remaining relics to FLAC, which would be half the file sizes and still lossless.


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