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Is there a way to make Poweramp read the music I have on the NAS (synology)?

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My Music Library is uploaded to a Synologic NAS server; and that NAS has an app that is installed on Android (also on ios); but that App never looks like Poweramp ...

My question is .... Is it possible that in the Poweramp Library configuration a LINK of the NAS where my music is stored is configured?

On the other hand ... My Music Library is made up of more than 90K songs ... Is Poweramp capable of handling that high volume of Indexing?

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PA can handle as many files as you want, but if you try to do use a lot of file with slower external storage there could be performance issues, especially with rescans when the network connects or disconnects.

You could certainly use a cifs mounting app to map a directory from your NAS into your local Android file system and then allow PA to scan it, but the connections often don't support the necessary features to (for example) extract the tag contents of those file into PA's library. Also you might need root access.


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