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More options with the Sleep System duration selection

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Love the app, been using it now since 2013, you're doing good work here! ❤️

I'd really like to see the sleep timer mechanism enhanced in the following ways though, as it feels like it's lagging behind in functionality compared to other apps and it's quite an important part of how I listen:

  1. Add "Play 'N' more songs then stop" feature where N is an arbitrary number the user can enter, and defaults to whatever they entered last time.
  2. Tweak the current time selector to be "Play for 'N' minutes then stop", where N is an arbitrary number the user can enter and defaults to whatever they entered last time.
  3. Add "Play until X System time then stop", where X is an arbitrary timestamp (hour & minute of day, perhaps even day if you're adventurous) selected by the user and defaults to whatever they entered last time (though probably not for day, just time of day).

I do appreciate the 'Play until song ends' checkbox, and would love to see that continue to be applicable to both #2 and #3.

Though #1 is my real use-case reason for being here making suggestions, it could be implemented easily using #2 and less easily using #3, and I genuinely think they'd be good options to have as well anyway.
I do know you can change the mode to 'play a single song then stop' if you want the playback to end after the current song.
The problem is, it won't re-set itself to the playback mode you actually want the next time you hit play, so it's not quite the same as a "Play 1 more song then stop" feature anyways.

None of the other apps I've looked at have all the features I'm looking for except Musicolet, which theoretically does but in practice they don't work.
So I hope you guys are still working on the app, and taking on these feature requests! 🤞

Cheers :)

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