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Good day, everyone at the Max MP Studios. You see, Poweramp music player is very wonderful, can't begin to tell you how, and that's why I just purchased the full version unlocker app from playstore. But you see, there's one thing I'd like to see in the Poweramp player UI screen, and that's a triple metadata mp3 tag tile. In default, the player comes with two tiles; one for song title, the other for both artiste and album title. I'd like if there can be different tiles vertically for each of these(one for song title, one for artiste, one for album title).
Or if there's an option to enable this on the player, please guide me to it. Thanks you so much. God bless you. 

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No, at present the Title line and the sub-header line are fixed format. You can hide one or the other completely via skins, but not change the contents or add more lines.

There is a discussion going on about making the two lines customisable, which might go part-way to answering your request:


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