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Poweramp causes other music players to use device speaker, not Bluetooth

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Please specify the following:

  • Poweramp build number (available in Poweramp Settings / About)
    Poweramp build-893 (unlocked)
  • your device model
    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 
  • your Android version
    10, One UI 2.5
  • your custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM)
  • steps to reproduce
    Use Poweramp to listen with Bluetooth headset (RockJaw audio T5 Ultra Connect - https://rockjawaudio.com/products/t5-ultra-connect)
    Stop using Poweramp.
    Start another audio source, e.g. BBC Sounds App, or VLC or whatever.
    The other music source routes audio from the device speaker, and not the "connected for calls and audio" Bt device.
    Check Bluetooth to see "T5 Ultra Connect: Connected for calls and audio, 80% battery remaining".
    ...this situation persists despite several changes of audio player and connection/disconnection of Bt headset etc.
    Eventually, whilst BBC Sounds was playing from the device speaker, I uninstalled Poweramp. Immediately the uninstall completed, audio switched from the device speaker to the Bt headset (which had been connected "for calls and audio" for throughout).

Optional (but this speedups bug investigation/fix):

  • send us a log from within app (Poweramp build 857+ Settings / Support / Send Log) after the issue happens
  • send us error email via Settings / Send Errors To Developer. This will send crash log if crash happens
    Sorry - Poweramp uninstalled as part of the process described above!
    Please let me know if the log may be helpful, in which case I'll re-install and try to replicate the problem.

Thank you, Simon.

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Poweramp doesn’t switch outputs, but various ROM issues and/or system tweaking apps (in case of Samsung - Sound Assistant) may cause issue like this. Please try:

- if you have Sound Assistant installed, temporarily uninstall it and check if it helps

- try different type of Audio output in Poweramp - switch between AudioTrack/OpenSL/HiRes/Aaudio

- try to disable “No dvc for absolute volume” option in Poweramp 

- enable “Switch speaker off” option in Poweramp (though this one is a specific Asus/Xiaomi devices workaround)

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Thank you for the quick response - much appreciated.

I'm certainly having difficulty replicating this issue on demand, and I think I experienced the issue of the Bt headset being ignored on one occasion when Poweramp was uninstalled. So I may well be premature in jumping to blame Poweramp, in which case please accept my apologies.

(I don't have Sound Assistant installed)

Thank you for your helpful suggestions - I will continue with my experimentations.

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  • 1 year later...

So, now when i was shopping and the smartphone connected to car BT automatically, PA starts and stops the music in the car, as it should.

But after that, the JBL Buds will not automatically connect with my smartphone, just like the other times.


In conclusion: i dont think it´s a PA problem, but i guess PA makes it even more complicated in this 2 cases.

I will keep the JBL Buds, they fit the best for me.


Maybe any tips how to solve the BT connection problem, even though it has nothing to do with Poweramp?

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